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Hello, I am Kate. As I see the world wake, I want to help Trenton Bake.

As a parent and local community member, I realize that we all need a helping hand. I have a unique gift that is NOT for everyone. I have a small kitchen cottage cookie business that I hope to turn into a community focused nonprofit.

My specialty is connecting communities and inspiring others connect, heal, and make progress together. I have a passion for lifting others to reach the highest authentic version of themselves.

When times are hard many of us mask our feelings and our needs. This page is set up to offer specific cannabis focused anonymous support. Whether you feel pressure from society, your job, or family and need space to find your authentic help, I can offer consultations and kitchen support for you or you can purchase the consultation for a friend.

New Jersey is launching recreational cannabis soon. Medical patients know that New Jersey is limited in edible products. For so many health reasons, inhaling any product is NEVER recommended. Through many bored pandemic hours, I have perfected a cookie recipe that I can share with you in our one on one consultation. The consultation begins with a review of how the New Jersey medical cannabis program is structured. I provide a hands on demonstration of how to infuse oil, ghee, butter, with medical cannabis so that you can have control over your healing journey. Consultation takes approximately 4 hours and at the end of the session you will have a lifetime of knowledge.

Our goal is to inspire, celebrate, and help improve our community in Trenton. We are a small cottage kitchen business. Consultation fee can either be applied to purchase one of Kate’s Karma cookies or you can select an option to send a monetary donation to our charity of the month.

Discover Our Impact

Kate’s Karma Cookie can be delivered in the Lawrence, Trenton, Ewing area. With your donation we will provide community members with cookie support.

We also offer a “off duty” option that is is a THC/CBD mix of New Jersey cannabis. This is only available by special order. As a cannabis wellness coach, Kate has helped clients manage stress and chronic illness with cannabis and offers her years of experience baking with cannabis to help others learn how to use cannabis responsibly in their own lives. She knows that many clients, whether from illness, chronic disease or other factors are not afforded the time or space to make their own infusions. We want to offer help.

We hope that Trenton Bake’s specialty cookie, “Kate’s Karma Cookies”, will be a (21+ only) favorite with your home too.

Option 1

CBD Consultation Day

Cannabis consultation with Kate. She will teach you how to infuse your own butter, oil, or other food items with CBD or medical cannabis to provide clients with personalized options.

Includes: 4 hour consultation: $500.50

Option 2

Kate’s Karma Cookies

Honor a fellow community member with an uplifting donation in their honor

$100 Donation to organization
Pack of 12 Special order cookies to be delivered to you or to recipient


Option 3

The Aubrey Super Pack

One of everything.

4 hour consultation

12 Off Duty Kate Karma Cookies

1 Donation to your organization

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